Woodland Hills Air Conditioning Repair

The team at Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning for Woodland Hills are A/C repair specialists. When air conditioning units are spewing out warm air instead of cool air, adjusting, recharging, servicing, or replacement could be in order. Let the A/C repair division of Canoga Park Heating and Air review and solve the HVAC problem.

Freon leaks, fan motor or compressor issues, and a host of other problems can lead to a low functioning a/c unit. Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning-Woodland Hills has the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and remedy all HVAC situations.

The latest Freon to hit the market, Puron® Refrigerant, sufficiently serves as a Freon replacement and leads to an environmentally sound, chlorine-free refrigerant and a HVAC industry game changer.

Give us a call. CP Air Conditioning Woodland Hills can help with all your HVAC needs.